4 Qualities To Look For In The Best Mexican Chamoy Candy

Chamoy is a sauce made of fruit, chiles, and lemons. Its taste may be sweet, sour, or tangy depending on the type of fruits and chiles used. Its viscosity also varies from a paste-like consistency to that of a liquid. It is a very popular condiment in Mexican cuisine and is often used to make candy.

Chamoy candy is loved by tourists as well as by Mexican nationals. Therefore, it is very easy to come across some while visiting there. Because it is relatively hard to find outside Mexico, many tourists are very eager to try some while there. This makes it easy for salesmen to sell candies that are close replicas of chamoy but ultimately inferior in quality. If you are visiting Mexico and would like to try some as well, consider the following factors to have the most authentic experience.

1. How Are They Stored?

The way in which Mexican candy is stored can change its original flavor for better or worse. Because chamoy is traditionally made using various fruit and plant products, a glass jar is the best way to store them.

Materials such as plastic and metal can make the candies toxic, making you sick when you ingest them. Wood and paper may absorb some of the more volatile chemical compounds within the candy, making it taste bland and lacking in flavor. Glass, however, does not react with the candy inside. This helps to lock in their flavor and freshness for much longer.

2. How Fresh Are They?

Because chamoy candies are popular and have a wide range of consumers, a lot of companies mass produce them and transport them to their buyers. This means it is possible to buy candies that are much older than recommended. If they are stored for more than 2 days at room temperature, they are no longer fresh. Their fruit-based ingredients begin to lose their original zest and change their taste as they decompose.

The best and most flavorful chamoy is made and shipped within the same day. This way, its consumer can enjoy it to the fullest before it decomposes. If you decide to buy online, make sure to choose some that are made fresh on the day of shipping.

3. Real Fruit Vs. Artificial Extract

The practice of mass production causes a lot of business owners to abandon natural fruits and chiles in favor of chemical extracts. They can be produced at a larger scale and within a shorter time, which makes them a good choice for manufacturers looking to maximize their profits.

Although they will produce and sell more candies, their end product is very different from naturally produced chamoy. The candies made with natural fruit pulp and fresh chiles have a richer flavor, which makes up for the difficulty of production. If you want to experience the best flavor you can get from your candy, make sure they are made with fresh and natural ingredients.

4. Value For Money

Because different companies manufacture them, the price of chamoy candies may vary in range. The main deciding factors to consider when judging their price are the quantity you intend to purchase and their mode of production.

It is easy to come across a company that sells poor-quality candy at a high price, looking to capitalize on its customers’ lack of awareness. If you are unsure about the quality of your candy, a good sign of assurance would be whether the company you are buying from includes a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Try Out The Best Chamoy Mexican Candy

Whether in the country or far from it, authentic Mexican candy is one of the best ways to experience a taste of their culture you may never have known. Chamoy candies come in so many different flavors that it is nearly impossible to dislike. Next time you are out in the market or ordering online, use these tips to add zest to your life by finding and eating the best candies.

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