5+ Main Key Points about Proviron Only Cycle

Proviron, also known as Mesterolone, is a unique anabolic steroid widely used to get specific benefits. It is an oral anabolic androgenic steroid that has weak anabolic effects. So, it is generally not helpful in bulking, or huge muscle mass gain like other steroid compounds.

This drug can play a powerful role during the cutting cycle. However, it does not directly own its effects, but it interacts with the body and enhances the ability of other anabolic steroids you have used during the cycle. Proviron is a DHT-derived steroid compound that is easy to consume because it is available in oral form.

No injection is required, which makes it attractive for novice users. The original use of this drug is to treat hypogonadism in men. Currently, bodybuilders use this steroid as a performance-enhancing drug to achieve their cutting cycle goal.

The lack of anabolic effects simply named this compound as an androgen rather than an anabolic steroid. Through this article, you’ll learn the important point of the Proviron-only cycle.

  • #1: Proviron Boost Libido And Make Us Feel Great

Loss of libido is a common cause of many anabolic steroids. They are notorious for causing libido crashes and making you feel weird. Proviron often helps to pick up libido even at a lower dose. When you take 50 mg every day, it can boost libido and provide an overall well-being feeling. It can elevate people’s moods and enhance the effects of the cycle.

  • #2: It Promotes Hard Muscle Mass And Lipolysis

It is a derivative of DHT and has a strong binding affinity to androgen receptors. It is mainly used for specific purposes. After the Proviron cycle, it can harden up your muscle mass which is beneficial for running a stack cycle with Testosterone, Deca Durabolin, and Dianabol. It can provide muscle hardening effects at 100 mg every day.

When you combine it with Winstrol or Masteron, it helps to achieve fitness goals. It can lower body fat percentage and muscle hardening effects. It promotes lipolysis directly and also vascularity too, which amplifies overall athletic performance.

  • #3: It Has Anti-Estrogen Effects

Proviron lacks estrogenic effects, and it can bind to aromatase enzymes that prevent testosterone conversion into estrogen. It has positive effects in multiple ways. Moreover, you don’t need to use high AI doses to avoid spikes of estrogen, even running a cycle with other high aromatase drugs.

Dianabol is used as a kick-starter with Testosterone and Deca Durabolin and adds a low dose of Proviron and AI dose during the cycle because all of these three steroid compounds are aromatase drugs.

Proviron prevents estrogen levels from rising during this cycle and saves you from different estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, bloating, and water retention.

  • #4: It Won’t Cause Any Severe Side Effects

It is one mild steroid compound with less risk of severe side effects. This DHT-derived steroid compound is incredible for achieving cutting cycle goals with very few side effects.

Proviron steroid is mild in nature, and most people don’t trigger any androgenic side effects until they use an extremely high dose. It is a non-aromatase drug, so people don’t have to worry about any estrogenic side effects.

  • #5: It Improves Efficiency Of Other Anabolic Steroids

A prior steroid is not an excellent compound for bulking or huge muscle mass gain, but it is adequate to gain dry muscle mass and reduce body fats by providing greater strength and energy. It is an effective steroid to enhance lean muscle mass growth and reduce body fats, and it can bind to SHBG and increase testosterone levels in the blood.

When you combine a TRT dose of testosterone with it, it can boost the bioavailability among and muscle-building in your blood. It can apply the outcome results when you combine it with other anabolic steroids. It has a great ability to enhance the efficiency of other anabolic steroids.

  • #6: It is Great For Cutting

Proviron is an excellent anabolic androgenic steroid that provides great results in the cutting cycle. The primary purpose of using Proviron is to burn excess body fats while retaining muscle tissues. It is a helpful steroid because it can promote lean muscle mass growth and preserve existing muscles you have already gained through the other steroid cycle. This drug can significantly improve the metabolism process, directly promoting quick fat burning in a low caloric deficit.

  • #7: No Injection Required

Most people are worried about injections because they have a fear of needles. Some injections are also painful and also cause skin infections on the injection sites. So, Proviron is the best option for those people who have a fear of needles because it is available in oral form so that people can take Proviron tablets by mouth, and you can simply swallow it with water.

  • Information About Proviron Cycle

This steroid does not have strong anabolic effects, so that it won’t contribute to bigger muscle mass, but it can help to reduce unwanted body fats during a cutting cycle. Moreover, its anti-estrogen effects can mitigate other steroids’ estrogenic effects and help you achieve contributing goals.

(i) Proviron Cycle for Novice Users

Novice users combine it with testosterone to suppress the risk of low testosterone symptoms. Proviron only cycle is not beneficial and recommended to people. They can perform the below cycle:

  • Testosterone – 500 mg every week
  • Cycle duration – 8 week
  • Proviron – 50 mg every day

Its oral form is not liver toxic, so people don’t need to worry about liver safety. A shorter cycle will help you to achieve desired results.

(ii) Proviron Cycle For Intermediate Users

Proviron is highly beneficial for the intermediate users that help you gain great benefits of boosting testosterone level in the bloodstream. It binds to SHBG. It inhibits aromatase and compounds in 12-week cycles.

  • Testosterone – 500 mg every week
  • Cycle duration – 12 week
  • Proviron – 50 mg every day
  • Dianabol – 50 mg every day for four week

(iii) Proviron Cycle For Advanced Users

Advanced users can take a high dose of Proviron, around 150 mg daily. It gives Harnden a boost and cutting cycle goals. You can combine it with other anabolic steroids such as Clenbuterol, Winstrol, and Anavar to achieve cutting goals.

  • Testosterone – 500 mg every week
  • Cycle duration – 8 week
  • Proviron – 150 mg every day
  • Anavar – 80 mg every day

Despite the mild nature of the steroid compound, Proviron causes different side effects if you use them randomly or perform a longer cycle than usual. To achieve your bodybuilding goals with Proviron cycle, you can take free advice ( from any bodybuilder experts.

  • Where Can I Buy Proviron Steroids?

Proviron is popular for cutting anabolic androgenic steroids among bodybuilders. You can buy Proviron from top pharmaceutical companies or top-reputed steroid websites. Here are the top resellers available on the internet where you can find Proviron for sale . They sell high-quality and lab-tested original products that help you gain desired results.

  • Conclusion

Proviron is a mild anabolic steroid that has weak anabolic effects. It is not helpful to gain huge muscle mass, but it gives impressive results during a cutting cycle. Proviron only cycle is not recommended and beneficial to get effective results. So, people usually stack it with other anabolic steroids.

Depending on the individual goal, you can combine it with other anabolic steroids. Above, we have mentioned the popular effects that show the importance of Proviron cycles. So, you can decide whether it is the perfect steroid for you or not.

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