5 Natural Remedies To Cure Hair Loss

Hair loss happens to many people. While not all forms of hair loss are reversible, many are, including stress-related loss. You can purchase special shampoos, conditions, serums, and even an Untangled Hair Supplement to promote hair health.

The efficacy of any product depends significantly on its ingredients. Some ingredients are more potent or effective than others. When it comes to hair health, there are five natural remedies that can treat hair loss.

1. Marine Collagen: High in Essential Vitamins

Marine collagen is an ingredient in hair care serum and other products. Collagen supplements benefit hair health, but those containing glycosaminoglycans and other proteins seem most beneficial for reversing hair loss. Collagen with a marine origin provides benefits to both men and women.

Marine collagen contains high levels of amino acids, including the building blocks of human collagen, proline and glycine. Taking a supplement or using a serum with this ingredient and other essential vitamins and minerals can promote hair growth.

2. Chamomile Extract: Most Ancient & Versatile Herbs

Most people will recognize chamomile as an ingredient in tea. However, the extract is often used in cosmetics, and some dermatologists see it as essential to skincare foundation and beautification.

Chamomile flowers have implications in healthcare with no known adverse effects. The flowers contain high levels of antioxidants, specifically flavonoids and terpenoids.

For 5,000 years, teas, medications, and cosmetics have used chamomile because of the many benefits. Now, the flower is also being used in hair loss treatments because it promotes vitality and youthful appearance.

3. Vitamin A: Not Just for Eye Health

People know vitamin A is beneficial for healthy skin, bones, and eyes. Researchers explain that the benefits stem from the vitamin working as an antioxidant, fighting against cell damage.

Aside from working as an antioxidant, vitamin A helps produce sebum. Sebum is an oil secreted by the scalp. The oil is essential to hair health because it keeps follicles from drying out.

You need to be careful about how much vitamin A you take in because too much is dangerous. Too much vitamin A can lead to toxicity, which actually causes hair loss.

4. Biotin: The Vitamin With Many Names

People may refer to it as biotin, vitamin B7, or vitamin H. Whatever name you choose, the vitamin is essential to the body. Biotin helps the body convert nutrients into energy, and it plays a significant role in the health of skin, nails, and hair.

Scientists discovered that biotin promotes growth. The growth researchers noted occurs when the body tries to keep hair and skin healthy. Biotin helps the body produce keratin, a foundational protein in skin, hair, and nails.

If you do not get enough biotin in your diet, you might experience hair loss. Another side effect of biotin deficiency is a red, scaly rash.

5. Horsetail Extract: A Prehistoric Marvel

Horsetail extract or Equisetum is a prehistoric plant. The plant is notable because of its hollow stems. Equisetum contains silicon, an essential element in bone development and strength. The herb also contains several minerals that can promote hair growth.

Have you noticed some hair loss? Check your local pharmacy for hair serums and supplements containing the above ingredients.

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