5 Tips for Electric Bike Safety for All

One of the great things about electric bicycles is that they are accessible to almost anyone. If you need a bicycle for short adults, you can find one. There are electric bikes suitable for adolescents, adults, and senior citizens. Nevertheless, there are safety concerns associated with electric bikes. Riders have to be mature enough to ride responsibly, and even then, there are specific safety tips to follow.

1. Appropriate Speed

On average, electric bikes can reach top speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour. This is comparable to the speed limits for vehicles on residential roads. Whether you are driving a vehicle or riding a bike, higher speeds increase the risk of accidents and are also likely to result in more serious injuries should an accident occur. The areas where you ride may have speed limits in place for electric bikes, or they may not, but in either case, you should be aware of your speed and maintain a velocity that allows you to keep control of the bicycle.

2. Helmet Use

It is always important to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, but more so when you are riding an electric bike. The greater speeds that you can reach increase the chances of a serious head injury if you fall off your bike or crash. Wearing a helmet when riding decreases your chances of a head injury that kills you by 65%. In fact, the risk of sustaining any sort of head injury, whether fatal or not, decreases by 70% when you wear a bicycle helmet while riding.

3. A Reminder for Shorter Stature Adults

If you are shorter in stature, it is very important for you to find a bike that fits your body. This is not only for the sake of comfort but for safety as well. You need to be able to control the bike, which is harder to do when it is too large for you. You also have to be able to put your feet on the ground after you stop the bike to maintain your balance. If you are shorter, you might want to look for a step-through bike that doesn’t require you to swing your leg up over a high bar.

4. Secure E-Trikes

An electric tricycle is essentially a three wheel bike sized for adults that includes an electric motor. In most respects, a tricycle is identical to a traditional two-wheeler except that it has two wheels in the back instead of just one. This gives a tricycle more stability than a bicycle offers. It is almost impossible to knock a three-wheeled bike over, and it is possible to sit on one without touching the ground, which you cannot do on a bike. All of these things make electric tricycles a good choice for the elderly and people with mobility issues.

5. Visibility

Bicycles, even electric bicycles, are relatively small and hard for motorists to see. You should take steps to make it as easy as possible for others to see you by using lights on your bicycle and wearing clothing that is bright or reflective.

Being aware of the risks and taking safety precautions helps to decrease the chance of an accident on your electric bike. Riding the right bike also helps prevent accidents, and you can find whatever sort of bike you need, such as a women’s comfort bike with gears, from online retailers.

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