A 2022 Guide to Finding an Assisted Living Community

Do you have a loved one who is aging or has a disability and needs to find an assisted living community? Use this helpful guide to get you started! Find out what to look for in an assisted living community, how the process of moving may be done, and the costs of care. 

Learn more about finding an assisted living facility for your loved one by following these tips!

What Is Assisted Living?

If you are interested in assisted living or Retirement community facilities, you should know a few things before deciding if this is the right choice for you. 

Assisted living is a residential care option for the elder. It’s helpful for senior people who need some help with everyday activities. After family care, assisted living is often the next step. 

Assisted living communities are popular for seniors because they want to avoid frequent doctor and pharmacy visits. 

Care in Assisted Living: What Is Provided

1. Supervision: 

Assisted living communities provide supervision within the community.

2. Meals:

Assisted living facilities may provide meals and snacks to residents. They might encourage residents to eat together and share in the dining experience.

3. Activities: 

Many assisted living communities to provide various activities for their residents. It will help them keep engaged. Such activities might include outings, exercise classes, and social gatherings.

4. Housekeeping: 

You Don’t have to worry about housekeeping services. They will provide housekeeping services, such as laundry, cleaning, and hygiene.

5. 24-hour staff: 

Many assisted living communities offer 24-hour staff members. It helps residents out in various ways. 

How to Find the Right Assisted Living Community

It would be best to keep a few things in mind when finding an assisted living facility to make the process easier.

1. Location: 

First, you will want to consider the type of neighborhood and location. Find a good location where your loved ones will be comfortable during their time at the facility. Many assisted living communities have beautiful, pleasant areas. So that, Residents can take walks and enjoy nature. Other communities might focus more on maintaining a clean and orderly environment. They might make elders feel more at home. 

2. Activities: 

Do you want your loved one to be able to participate in everything? Then try to find an assisted living community with a high level of activity.

3. Price: 

Location is important, but the facility’s price is just as important. You will want to take all costs into account when making your decision. A higher-priced facility might offer more amenities. Sometimes their services are not as expensive. So consider this too!

4. Reviews: 

You can find out a lot by reading reviews of facilities. An assisted living community will often let you know what they are all about by sharing their thoughts. Also, they’ll tell you how they keep their residents happy. 

5. Meet the staff: 

You should find out if the staff has any experience. If they have a lot of experience, this is a good sign. Because they will likely be able to help you make the right decision for your loved one.

6. Care options: 

You will want to ensure that the assisted living community has room for the level of care your loved one needs. For example, if your loved one is going blind and hearing impaired, you will want a community with wide hallways and high levels of lighting.

7. Review the floor plan of the community: 

You will want to compare the layout and rooms at each facility thoroughly. You will want to know if there are enough beds and bathrooms for your loved ones.

8. Socialization: 

It is important that your loved ones feel comfortable in their new surroundings. So you will want to ensure that the assisted living community has enough socialization space for your loved one to use.

9. Community: 

You will want to ensure that the facility’s community is welcoming, supportive, and engaging for your loved one. Besides, many communities will provide many opportunities for interaction with other residents. This can help your loved ones feel more engaged in their new surroundings.


When trying to find the right assisted living community for your loved one, there are many things to consider. Once you have decided, all you have left to do is look forward to the new life that awaits!

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