CBD products like CBD oil and its legalization

In 1938, the United States Congress passed a law banning all forms of marijuana use. Even the use of fibers in industry Despite opposition from The American Medical Association Representative Dr. William C. Woodward, who protested in the House of Commons that there was no evidence that marijuana was a dangerous drug. And what’s more, this kind of legislation would jeopardize the medical benefits of tracing potential future cannabis-based medicines. But he refused to listen. Later, in 1940, marijuana was removed from all drug formulas. And there has been an increase in the severity of punishment for drug abuse.

In 1961 the United Nations signed a joint pact to eradicate narcotics from the world. As a result, marijuana has become illegal. is forbidden, not herbal, or any use for entertainment

1971 The United States has a drug list divided according to severity. And marijuana is listed as the most violent drug. without any medicinal properties.

In Thailand, marijuana appears to have been imported from India. Citing the name similar to the Hindi word ganja, marijuana was initially used in Southeast Asia. It is a food, spices, medicine, and fiber component and has been a traditional herb for centuries.

Thailand has a long history of using marijuana in various medicinal recipes since the reign of King Narai the Great of Ayutthaya (1632-1688, 1656-1688), but had to stop using it due to understanding. It’s the world’s fault for defining marijuana as an addictive drug. under the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Thailand has had the Narcotics Act since 1922, and the last amendment is No. 7 B.E. 2562, which still stipulates that cbd öl is a Category 5 drug. Selling, importing, exporting, or having in possession unless authorized by the Minister with the approval of the Narcotics Control Committee on a case by case basis.

But new knowledge from current research suggests that cannabis contains compounds that the human body can naturally synthesize. (endocannabinoid), The body uses to control or encourage the organs in the body to work to bring balance to life. And it has been found that when the body is deficient in these substances, it may cause some pathology or illness in the body. Giving marijuana to these patients is beneficial for helping the body recover from illness. and return to normal as before.

But since the statute has long overlooked the benefits of cannabis in health care. Its blocked access to cbd öl for its exploitation can only focus on the punishment of marijuana. Looking back on the benefits and benefits of marijuana, society is confused, skeptical, uncertain about whether it is worthwhile to use marijuana for the benefit of humanity, such as abuse. Do addiction and the aftermath of addiction outweigh the benefits of marijuana?

Before marijuana was banned in 1934, laborers knew it as a muscle relaxant. It is also reported to be used to alleviate female pregnancies. And the general public is aware that marijuana is used in cooking. To smoke for recreational purposes Before legislation that classified marijuana as a prohibited plant, It is not a herb that can treat disease. or used in any way at all.

Thailand has issued the cbd öl Act of 1934, prohibiting anyone from growing, importing, buying, selling, or possessing marijuana. Otherwise, they will be punished with both imprisonment and severe fines. Until 1979, the Thai government issued the Narcotics Act. Marijuana is classified as a Category 5 drug, which carries criminal penalties for users and possession. and is not licensed for medical use in any way

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