Food in Dubai – A Complete Guide

The magnificent city of Dubai and Venice of the Middle East- is one of the richest as well as most beautiful cities in the world. Dubai- located on the Southeast coast of Persian Gulf is just rich in terms of wealth. It also has wide diversity in many things but most importantly the food. This amazing city features a lot of dishes from all around the world as well as referred as a final destination who is in search of ultimate food experience. Apart from the cosmopolitan modern diet, Emirati cuisine is the traditional cuisine of Dubai.

Now the question arises, what is Emirati cuisine? we can explain it as meat-based dishes and Grains in the sandy Arabian deserts as well as seafood directly from the Arabian Gulf in order to nourish the population of the Middle East. It is fascinating to know that Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines have great influences in the Emirati cuisines.

Indigenous food culture

There is a great need to know that, a traditional Dubai cuisine is significantly influenced by the Middle East geography as well as Islamic religion. Due to harsh desert conditions, traditional dishes use a lot of meat and dairy products.

Vegetables are grown in some regions and used in most of the dishes. Moreover, camels have great importance in Middle East cuisine. Camel meat is generally reserved for a special occasion. Camel is highly prized for their milk. Before the oil boom In Dubai, the available poultry was species of indigenous birds, but now modern dishes use chicken or other poultry. For more information visit this site: superratmachine

Food Diversity

It’s interesting to know that Dubai Cuisine is as diverse as everything else in Dubai. Arab food is very popular in Dubai culture and you can find almost everywhere. The restaurants in Dubai are serving food from almost anywhere in the world. However, if you want to relish tradition Arabic cuisine with stunning views in the middle of the sea, Yacht charter Dubai is an ideal option. Being a cosmopolitan city, Easy Yachts provide everything you are desiring. Let it be fun, drinks and foods. you name it. The diversity of food by this magnificent city is beyond your wildest imagination.

Meat Varieties

Meat is one of the major ingredients in most of the foods available in Dubai. The indigenous population consumes meat not for of its nutritious value but for its cultural importance. The meat used in Dubai meals includes chicken, beef, camel, and mutton. Pork is rarely available because eating pork is a sinful act according in Islam.

Staple Food

The staple food consists of some rice, meat, bread and obviously there will be something sweet. In terms of meat, various varies are used according to the occasion. It’s interesting, this cuisine is complete as it takes its ingredients from the sea, desert, mountain, and from oasis. Bread is an integral part of Dubai cuisine prepared by baking rice and wheat-based dough in an oven. Bread is consumed with kebab, butter, curd, any kind of curry etc. it’s also an essential element in a breakfast meal.

Chicken, Mutton, and Beef Based Dishes

In Dubai, chicken is the most consumed meat. It started appearing in Dubai just after the fossil fuel boom in the Middle East. Chicken is used in hundreds of course dishes such as Machboos, Chicken Kabsa, and Maqluba. These are rice-based dishes are cooked with the chicken. The entire dish is flavored with spices and with the chicken itself.

Camel is Important

Camel is one of the popular sources of meat in Dubai. It is used for various purposes other than for food. Camel provides protein rich milk- used among the Arab as well as also used for transportation purposes. Due to all these reasons, camel meats are reserved for special occasions. The meat is cooked in several different methods. Camel meat has a tough personality that smoothen as it cooks. Fat from other meats is used along with camel meat for good flavor and savor.

In Dubai, stuffed camel is a popular dish. A whole camel is stuffed with other ingredients and the dish is often served with other meats during special celebrations and events.

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Rice Based Dishes

A main portion of a Dubai meal is contributed by rice. Usually, rice dishes are consumed during lunch. There is a great need to know that Dubai cuisine offers a wide range of rice-based eats and a well-balanced meal. These foods are popular all around the world for its erotic taste and aroma. Another amazing feature is the addition of spices and herbs used in various stages of cooking. You’ll find cardamom, cloves, star aisle, and fennel seed, in almost every dish prepared.

Something to Drink

Drinks and beverages are essentials of Dubai cuisine. There are variety of traditional drinks served as hospitality and cordiality. The aroma of such drinks is refreshing and warming.

Camel milk is one of the popular drinks in Middle East as it is loaded with proteins and other nutritious elements. Along with this, camel milk is also considered as a valuable drink in Dubai. Another one in the list is coffee- marked as a symbol of hospitality.

The strong and rich aroma of Arabic Qahwa is always overwhelming. It is poured from a classical Arabian coffee pot as well as served in small cups without handle. A plate of fresh dates is served with Qahwa. Another popular drink In Dubai is Karak chai, derived from Hindi word ‘Kadak’ means strong.

Dubai, a sun baked land has an ever-rising demand for cold beverages. You’ll find Jellab-  a classic Arab drink derived from a blend of rose water and grape molasses. The drink is topped with pine nuts and raisins making it an absolute enrichment forbody and mind. Laban is an famous drink. It’s a cooling butter milk drink to include in a healthy diet. Furthermore, Iced and salted Ayran is another tasty yogurt-based drink in Dubai.

Kabsa is one of the popular dishes in Dubai. It was originated in Saudi Arabia as well as later spread all over the Middle East. Kabsa is also known as Makbus in most Arab states. The main ingredients used in Kabsa are rice, vegetables, meat and mixture of spices. Some famous spices used in Kabsa are cinnamon, bay leaf, black pepper, cloves, saffron, cardamom, and black lime, and nutmeg. Meat is the main ingredient accompanying the spices.

Another popular dish is Maqluba. It’s rice-based dish including fried tomatoes, potatoes, cauliflower, eggplant as well as chicken or lamb cooked in a casserole with spices. After cooking, the meal is served by turning the casserole down.

Street Food

It’s exciting to know that Dubai offers the delicious street food. Street foods are common walking around Dubai. A city that is famous for rich tastes and expensive lifestyle, street foods stands differently. Without compromising the quality and taste, the food is available in comparatively less price. Street food in Dubai is best choice for those who are not ready to spend a little fortune daily.

Asian Influence

As mentioned above, Dubai is a land of diversity expressing itself in the culinary landscape performance. As a cosmopolitan city, this city of gold is stirring the pot of various culinary tradition. Many of the culinary traditions had influenced, but Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines are most famous of them. Asian food has a significant profound influence in food and culture. Along with this, Chinese and Thai dishes are also much popular and widely consumed in Dubai.

Food Festivals – The culinary celebration

Dubai food festival is one of the splendid events in Dubai celebrating its growth as a gastronomic city. It’s the only citywide food festival in the Middle East for uniting people all over the city along with a wide menu consisting of incredible dining experience. Relish luxury food concept as well as flavors of local dishes. Food festival in Dubai is a collection of events in different part of city in different time. From desert dinning to waterside restaurants, it offers a stage for astonishing food highlighting Dubai’s food culture.

So, whenever you visit Dubai, keep in consideration that you are heading to one of the most pleasant places. It’s world class infrastructure and food are just incomparable. The food here not only fill your belly but also the soul of any human mind. The warmth and the richness of these food is enough to make your trip worthy.

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