Consider completing an Elimination Diet at to determine the foods that you may be sensitive to. We have found that an organic whole foods, gluten-free diet that is completely free of foods you are sensitive to can do wonders for your health. However, everyone is unique. Some people thrive on vegan diets, while others do best on a Paleo diet. There are recipes in this book that will appeal to all audiences.

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We recommend you listen to your body as you try different dietary choices, as it will tell you what is working best and what is not. You may want to give a new diet some time as your body adjusts to the changes. If your symptoms of discomfort persist, we suggest you consult a Functional Medicine–trained doctor. You can find a practitioner by going to and clicking on the “Find a Practitioner” button.

If you’re still feeling confused as to what to eat, consider this: When researchers look at “blue zones,” or areas around the planet where people live the longest and with the greatest health, they notice a dietary pattern. People living in these blue zones are consuming a plant-rich diet, full of unrefined whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fresh fruit, along with a small amount of animal foods. The recipes in this book follow these guidelines. So living a healthy lifestyle has never been easier! Just choose from the 300 recipes in this book and you’ll be living healthier and feeling better in no time!

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In summary, a Paleo diet is ideal for those wanting to eat healthier and remove all processed foods from their diets. Eating a plant-rich Paleo diet—one that revolves around fresh vegetables and fruits—assures optimal nutrition. Consider avoiding grains and beans if your gut is damaged and you have severe microbial imbalances. Remember to also consider how much animal fat you are consuming—as the levels of certain toxins build up in our world, they will concentrate in animal fat. These toxins can cause an increased risk for diabetes, obesity, and a leaky gut.

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