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Peel the daikon radish and cut it into sticks a little shorter than the length of a quart jar. Cut the carrots into sticks of a similar length. Put the sliced ginger into the bottom of a clean, widemouthed, 1-quart jar. Add the carrot and daikon sticks, packing them in tightly.

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Mix the sea salt and water together in a 2-cup liquid glass measuring cup and pour over the vegetables until they are submerged with at least a ½ inch of brine on top. Fold the small cabbage leaf and place it, or the boiled rock, on top and push it down to submerge the vegetables; they need to stay below the brine to properly ferment. Cover the jar tightly with the lid and store in a dark place to ferment. It should take 5 to 10 days depending on the temperature of your house. The warmer it is, the shorter it takes to ferment. Visit Here: topworld56

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You can check them after 5 days; they should be sour and crispy. Make sure to “burp” the jar every day once bubbles start forming, usually by day 2. You can do this by slightly unscrewing the lid to release the gases and then screwing it back down. Once the vegetables have fermented to your liking, transfer the jar to the refrigerator and store for up to 6 months.

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They will keep fermenting while in the refrigerator, just at a much slower rate. Yield: 1 quart PICKLED BASIL BEETS Serve these probiotic-rich beets with scrambled eggs in the morning or on top of a green salad for lunch. You can use the flavorful purple brine in place of vinegar in a salad dressing. Generally I use 3 tablespoons of brine to 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil.

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