Graphic design: What is it?

The design could captivate your the attention of a few seconds or even be flashing in front of your eyes. If you take a look around, you’ll see a variety of examples of product labels packaging and book covers magazines, TV screensavers and billboards all are designed by graphic designers. The scope of the project graphic designers are working on could be small , like a postage mark or a global navigation designs for an entire nation. This article you’ll discover the different varieties that graphic designers can create.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is an extensive area of work and is an integral component of the contemporary world that is the development of visual language. Graphic design could employ different media types which can be print or digital as well as include photos or illustrations or other types of graphic design.

Graphic designers organize information in a way that can be easily accessible to the customer. Road signs, textbooks and letterheads – it’s the graphic designer that solves the issue of accurate and timely dissemination of information. The proper design of text helps make it easier to comprehend.

Graphic design helps to sell an idea or product. The design of an brand identity for a business’s packaging, branding has been increasing sought-after in the marketplace. The field of graphic design is rapidly changing specialists should be able to complete numerous tasks and possess skills in a variety of areas.

The first pieces of work in the field of graphic design, such as posters, billboards, and various other forms of printed material are present in the lives of people for a long period of. However, a professional must have the most recent technology available which allow him to create videos, 3D graphics and animation.

Graphic design types

Graphic design is a way to solve many issues with colors shapes, shapes and shapes, as well as compositions, images and typography. The impossible is to tackle every problem using only one method or using a tool, which is why there are a variety that graphic designers can use. Most designers are specialized in a specific area, however today , it is essential to be flexible and be able to explore every aspect of the field.

Graphic design as the visual branding identity of a brand

Designers who are involved in these projects design logos, typography and images library color schemes, letterheads for corporate letters, business cards, and other visual elements that make up the branding. To ensure that the branding remains consistent, designers design style guidelines. With their guidance every product and all graphic representations for the branding keep the same design, thereby supporting the overall idea.

It could refer to:

  • Logo;
  • Brand design system (colors, fonts, background, elements, style, illustrations, etc. );
  • Brandbook;
  • Models for everything.

It’s a complicated field that requires an extensive understanding. The designer has to solve issues using any form of visual information, including packaging, advertising, or other materials. Each stage of identity design can include hundreds and dozens of design-related tasks.

Graphics for advertising

Marketing activities aid in making the right decisions by the people who are watching. Marketing that is effective is guided by the desires and demands of the customer. It is a method to reach out to her, which will result in direct benefits, for example, more sales. Because visually appealing content can be more appealing to the eye Graphic design can help in solving communication marketing issues and help create attractive, effective advertisements.

Marketing designers design assets to develop a marketing strategy. A business may employ several graphic artists within their marketing division. The focus of the department is determined by the expertise of the employee. Designers can only focus on a certain type of project, for example, an online advertisement, or design a complete marketing tool. Traditional printed graphics are getting less and less sought-after. They are being replaced by digital tools with a user interface that is more comfortable, lively and can reach a wider audience.


  • Banners for advertising in magazines and on the Internet;
  • Flyers and postcards;
  • Outdoor advertising and posters;
  • Brochures and infographics;
  • PowerPoint presentations from PowerPoint projects;
  • Advertising on social networks;
  • Style of the website.

User interfaces are designed using graphic design. (UI)

A user’s interface (UI) is the device to facilitate interactions between users and applications. The design of the interface must be thorough of all components to ensure the best user experience for the application.

The user interface design includes all elements that interact with the user in some way or another including menus, screens buttons fields, buttons, and more. The design must make the user interface not just appealing but also practical and user-friendly. Graphic design is the aesthetic aspect, and must always consider the technical aspects of the plan.


  • Desktop and mobile applications
  • Web resources;
  • Games.

Design of the graphic design for publications

Publications are lengthy announcements that allow interaction with the public that are typically transmitted through printed media. They include newspapers, books catalogs, magazines, and various other products of the journalistic world. Digital media have the same methods of communication that need design, development and production.

Graphic designers in publications mostly work with layouts. However, the job also involves designing typography and the processing of images and photos. A significant role is assigned to fonts as well as other aspects that are part of text. You can develop the style of journalistic products on a contract basis or as part of an agency for design or as a designer on behalf of a brand.


  • Reference books and books for reference;
  • Magazines and newspapers;
  • Reports and newsletters.

Graphic design and layout of packaging

All goods require packaging to store them, identification , and sale. The design of packaging is directly connected to the buyer and may influence the purchase decision. A bottle, box container, bag or the crate can be a powerful marketing tool and must be attractive.

Packaging designers begin with an idea and finish the design after the final product is printed. In addition to graphic design the designer must know the basics of industrial and marketing design. Pictures, typography, and branding elements could be used to create the look and feel of packaging.


  • Labels made of polyethylene and paper;
  • Metal, plastic, cardboard wood boxes, and plastic;
  • Canisters, bottles, canisters and other containers containing products
  • Bags, wraps and bags.

In this article, we have provided information about graphic design, what it is and the various types of graphic design. We hope the information is useful to you. Best of luck!

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