How to Diet on a Budget

Eating healthy can get expensive depending on the kind of diet you’re on. It’s easy to overspend, especially as you get accustomed to the new diet. You may find yourself overeating, even if you’ve cut out some foods already. So, here are some tips that will help you organize your eating habits better and save money in the process.

1. Plan Your Meals

Plan your meals ahead of time to know approximately how much you’ll eat. Plan your shopping list along with your meals weekly and keep track of how much you spend. This will help you stay within your budget if you plan on adding different foods to your diet.

2. Shop in Different Places

Sometimes, other stores will sell the food we like at a much cheaper price. Shop around in stores you normally wouldn’t go to and compare prices. You may find it more convenient to change where you go shopping. If you already shop in the cheapest supermarket in your area, try local markets.

3. Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk tends to be a lot less expensive than buying smaller portions. You may not notice it if you only buy one item in bulk, since the difference is sometimes a few cents. However, if you buy most of your food items in bulk and do the math, you’ll notice how much you save in the long run.

Buying in bulk also makes it easier for you to cook a large meal in one setting. That way, you can eat leftovers instead of buying food and ingredients every few days.

The key to making the most of bulk buying is making sure that the products you buy don’t perish. You shouldn’t buy fruits and vegetables in bulk since their shelf life is very short. Instead, buy a lot of healthy, non-perishable food like rice, dried beans, and nuts.

4. Join Health and Fitness Communities

Join health and fitness communities online and offline. Participating in communities filled with like-minded people can give you some ideas about how to spend your money wisely. Ask questions about budgeting and dieting and you’re sure to get answers from enthusiastic, helpful members of the community.

5. Use Coupon Codes When Ordering Takeout

Going on a diet doesn’t mean that you can never order takeout again. The restaurants around you have plenty of healthy food options you can order while you give yourself a break from preparing meals.

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