How to Restore Sleep Patterns: Tips by Doctors 

Quality and complete rest allows the body to recover from a day of work, improve the condition of the nervous system, prevent disease and strengthen the immune system.

Why a Full-fledged Rest for an Adult

Rest is very important for the human body, because it helps the body to function normally:

  • Thanks to him, the healing of wounds and injuries is accelerated.
  • The brain’s chemical and energy potential is restored.
  • The ability to work and learn increases.
  • The risk of chronic diseases is reduced.
  • Depression and other neurological and psychological problems are prevented.

Lack of sleep leads to disruption of the system of interaction between hunger and satiation hormones, resulting in excess weight gain and even forming such a dangerous condition for health as obesity.

Why the Sleep Regime Becomes Disrupted

Regimen Disturbances

A broken regimen caused by playing at the Bob casino or working at 2 am interferes with rest. If the phenomenon was temporary, a peaceful night’s sleep will recover on its own after some time. It’s necessary to follow the usual schedule to restore rhythms anew. However, if the cause was shift work, which has been going on for years, then the consequences can affect the person indefinitely.


An increased feeling of anxiety, if from occasional and irregular, this condition has become permanent. If the problem is ignored, it will develop into depression or neurosis. And then they will become the reason for the loss of sleep.

Constant Noise Pollution

So-called noise pollution that does not attract attention, but interferes with brain rest. The problem may be a TV set that is not turned off or an audiobook left unattended. Worries about children fussing in the next room, too noisy neighbors, car traffic outside the window.

Sudden Change of Time Zones

The body needs time to adapt to the day and night changes in a new place. After an adaptation period, the problem goes away.

Taking Medications

Or more precisely, the side effects of medications. For example, this is how some anti-allergic drugs work. If you have problems with sleepiness after starting therapy, talk to your doctor. Ask the doctor to prescribe a different drug or change the dosage.

How to Restore the Mode in an Adult

A comprehensive approach is important in this matter:

  • Schedule. It’s recommended to go to bed and get up every day at the same time. Going to sleep on weekends and on holidays isn’t a working scheme. By setting up your body the right way, you can achieve great results. Remember to deviate from your usual time by no more than two hours.
  • Smooth transition. Switching to a new schedule should be done gradually – if you go to bed a few hours earlier at once, it’s impossible to fall asleep quickly and this can throw off your mood. It’s recommended to have patience and to “shift” the time gradually – by 10-20 minutes every 2-3 days.
  • Denial of a daytime nap. Don’t go to bed during the day, even if you really want to. It will be extremely difficult to fall asleep in the evening because of daytime rest.
  • Avoid drinking beverages containing caffeine. Cola, tea, and coffee agitate the nervous system and don’t allow you to fall asleep quickly and get enough sleep. It also makes sense to refuse nutritional supplements and drugs that stimulate the nervous system. Replace them with pure water, chamomile tea and mint infusions.
  • Giving up bad habits. To begin with, reduce the number of cigarettes you consume per day, and then try to give up the unpleasant habit. The main thing is not to smoke before going to bed. It disrupts both the process of falling asleep and the subsequent quality of rest.
  • Take a walk in the fresh air. Saturate the blood with oxygen, improve your mood and help you rest properly if you walk in the park before going to sleep.
  • Comfortable sleeping conditions. To form a comfortable sleeping environment, buy thick curtains to create complete darkness. You can also buy a special mask, it covers the eyes.

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