Modern Speciality Coffee Shops Are Part of Bucharest’s Unique Culture

The majestic Palace of the Parliament and the vast Revolutionary Square, which breathes history and pulsates modernity. We’re talking about the “Little Paris” that has long won the hearts of millions of tourists – Bucharest, the Romanian capital. Its chic and picturesque expanses are so immense that at some point you want to escape from them. When you get the urge, go for the smell of coffee. Here, this divine beverage is simply rushed.

Hidden coffee gems of Bucharest with a touch of digital

Wander into one of the Old Town neighbourhoods, each lined with surprisingly designed cafés and shops and lively terraces. Ordering a cup of aromatic coffee of the finest quality is an added bonus. It is especially important for people who need to stay in touch all the time. Romania has some of the fastest Internet connections in the world, consistently ranking in the top ten and ranking first in Europe.

Internet in Bucharest is cheap, fast and easily accessible. In addition, the big cafés in Bucharest usually offer insanely fast Wi-Fi for the price of a well-made espresso, Americano or cappuccino.

Even true coffee connoisseurs who have tasted the best coffee in such world centres as Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Dublin, Florence, Graz, Hamburg, Lisbon, Lyon, Paris, Porto, Rome, Seattle, Strasbourg and Vilnius strongly believe that Bucharest coffee culture not only matches, but potentially exceeds them all. What sets Bucharest’s coffee shops apart is that almost all of them are combined, very convenient for tasters and customers. While relaxing in a cosy coffee atmosphere, you can not only enjoy your favourite drink, but also buy the one you like to make at home.

Undoubtedly, the locally roasted coffees of the two main favourites, Origo and Guido, are exceptional – this is an undeniable fact. But there are many more shops whose incredible flavours can be heard hundreds of metres away. One of them is HotspotCoffee, which supplies the famous coffee houses in the Romanian capital. Let’s find out a little bit more about them. To do so, we present two with radically different styles.

They are separated by contrast and united by the aroma of coffee

Frudisiac. Located in the charming Dorobanti district, Frudisiac is known as an inviting café with a delightful combination of excellent coffee and unexpectedly delicious food. Its Scandinavian-style ambience, decorated with modern furniture and serving Drop coffee, brings a lively touch to the bustling Bucharest café scene. Incidentally, the beverage is directly imported from Stockholm, which is sure to be important for true connoisseurs. And the high-quality drink is delivered to the coffee house by HotspotCoffee representatives.

Our first visit to Frudisiac was all about their famous coffee, but within days we were back here to indulge in the tempting brunch specials. To our delight, Frudisiac has excelled in this culinary art and presents a range of mouth-watering dishes. From savoury avocado toast sprinkled with pepper flakes to sumptuous, dense pancakes topped with fresh berries and creamy ricotta cheese.  Each bite is a pure delight for diners’ taste buds. To top off these culinary delights, we drank lattes while sitting at one of the cosy outdoor tables. Just the perfect way to start a Saturday morning in Bucharest.

Coftale. Despite its quirky name, Coftale is a sophisticated coffee shop offering a wide range of coffee drinks. In perfect tandem with the coffee, it has a gourmet menu that includes both sweet and savoury dishes. The experienced baristas of this place use state-of-the-art technology to carefully craft one of the best coffees in Bucharest. The interesting thing about Coftale is that it does not roast its own beans. Instead, the café prudently buys high-quality beans from suppliers such as HotspotCoffee, as well as Origo, Papa Jacques and Guido.

The atmosphere at Coftale radiates retro-chic thanks to the grand old architecture, reminiscent of the early 1900s. This captivating contrast to the modern coffee experience creates an intriguing atmosphere. The coffee shop also has a spacious terrace decorated with numerous tables and tree foliage.

When in Bucharest, be sure to set aside some time to visit specialty coffee shops and shops for the invigorating beverage. Without it, you won’t experience the unique culture of the Romanian capital.

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