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‍Get the tools you need to take your home build from idea to completion. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or brand new to DIY, these Home Depot tools have you covered. From common staples like screwdriver sets to specialty tools like crowbars, we’ve got you covered with our carefully chosen list of Home Depot tools for DIYers. Read on for more information, features, and reviews.

Home Improvement Tools

Having a sledgehammer on hand doesn’t seem like much of aboom but when you’re dealing with home improvement, it’s a no-brainer to have a sledgehammer on hand. Whether you’re working on a concrete sidewalk or building a gazebo, having the right tools and the right tools for the job is crucial. From hammers to drills, these are the essential home improvement tools you’ll need. screwdriver set A screwdriver set can go a long way towards making any project PIP or completed. The right set will allow you to perform any task from light-up screws to complete household renovations. The best home improvement tools make a strong statement with their function, whether that’s making the cut of a poster, installing lights and switches, or installing an entertainment center. wood chisel You’re going to do a lot of square-offing in your day to day tasks like construction and demolition so it’s important to have a tool that can do the job well. The best wood chisels can do the job well and stay in tune with the original design of your home. nanowire boring tool A boring tool is what happens when you put too much power in a machine and expect it to do something else. At its root, a boring tool is a wood chisel and it’s used for driving straight lines through wood. If you’re working on a roof or steel-framed home, a boring tool can be used to cut the roof linguini and roof siding.

Hexagon Bracketing Tool

Any projects that call for precise placement of components need to be implemented with the proper precision. If you’re working on a residential project, you may want to use a hexagonal bracketing tool to hold every branch in place. Another useful tool for residential home improvement is the hexagonal bracketing tool. This is a simple to use tool that is perfect for precise construction.

Keychain Light

Keychain lights are beautiful but anyone who’s ever used one should know that they’re easy to end up using the wrong way. We’ve all been on the receiving end of too many “I know I should use this but I don’t have any money for it” types of issues and the keychain light is one of the most frustrating things to have to deal with.


The possibilities of home improvement are almost too many to list. From taking your own house down to installing lights and switches on an exterior wall, you’re sure to find the perfect Home Depot tool for the job. Whether you’re looking for general home improvement tasks or specific to finish the job off to a high standard, you’re bound to find the right tools at the right price point. Home Depot carries a wide range of tools with tools that will work perfect for any project. Whether you’re shopping for a home improvement project or improving your own skills, you’re bound to find the right tools in the box.

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