SEO strategies 2022

Creating content for your Facebook, Insta, or Twitter page, your online shop, blog, paper, or your Amazon products, without SEO optimization means basically working in vain. Especially if your page has a large addressability area. Using SEO techniques means improving your site’s organic traffic. We’ll point out the best SEO strategies in 2022, for you to be as visible as possible on search engines such as Google, Opera, or Bing.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is basically teaching machines to act like humans. For example, you can teach an intelligent automobile to see a crosswalk, using the same identification methods the human brain does. Those are AI machines. They can improve themselves at completing basic tasks like seeing, hearing, writing, etc-without human assistance. Similarly, AI SEO tools can see, hear, speak, write, create optimized titles and use the right keywords without being explicitly programmed to do that.

Basic AI SEO is already available.

  • One of the best examples in SEO AI is text and voice on search engines, which can provide you with the most relevant result. Connecting with customers through digital presence is a new reality. In the future, voice will be used to research from grocery shopping to gambling on online casinos.
  • Search engines can process a search question then predict which results are most satisfying. Your favorite search engine relies on artificial intelligence to provide relevant results for your queries. Google algorithm has a powerful effect on how your content ranks, or how the products on your online shops get found. It also dictates how search engines read and categorize the content on your websites.
  • The voice devices in your home, like Alexa, rely on AI technologies. Using voice to search the internet is becoming prevalent. Marketers should have a voice strategy, which means using AI SEO. It will be able to find patterns in large sets of data.
  • AI can optimize your content to better rank for online search, so it should be a part of your content strategy.
  • AI can choose topic discovery for you or do keyword research, establishing the best title for your article or product description.
  • AI is great at local search, making sure your business shows up in local SEO. Accurate local search results can raise your business within a local area.

Long-Form Content

Long-Form Content it’s easy for Google to crawl and understand. Remember, Google search engines try to provide relevant results for your queries. The longer the content, there is more material to produce higher search rankings. Long-form content is typically 2.000 words or more. A long and well-documented article will show up on the first results on Google because it prefers content-rich sites. Google does not just look at a page’s word count, but also makes a correlation with better search rankings. Long content is better researched and provides useful, valuable, and comprehensive information. Research engines understand that users do not want pieces of information, to build up a puzzle of information. They want everything they need in one place. Long-form content can increase traffic on your page, build credibility and add value to a website as a whole.

Remember also, long content is hard to read. You need the reader to stay on your page long enough to get his information. But people tend to lose their patience, so the longer the content, the better it should be structured. Create a long content, but also a smart one.

  • Generate links and brand awareness
  • Target a range of keywords and topics
  • Use subtitles, lists
  • Incorporate keywords wisely into content
  • Try to increase the conversion rate, keep the subject interesting
  • Use pitches words for better results


Google started its mobile-first index, so it will be imperative to have a mobile-friendly website. Does not matter if it relies on targeted traffic from mobile users or not. Mobile-friendliness websites have a better ranking signal also in Bing’s algorithms. The design is very important because on mobile everything relies on the touchscreen. User’s interact differently with mobile devices. This means all tap buttons should be big enough to avoid accidental clicks. The design must be dynamic and responsive.

Best practices for effective mobile SEO strategy

  • Have a mobile subdomain. Create a separate mobile URL
  • The website must be easy to access, improve the site’s load time
  • The mobile page should be readable without zooming in
  • Touchscreen buttons big enough to avoid accidental clicks
  • Navigation has to be simple and deductible
  • Put the most important text at the top of the page
  • Integrate responsive design, because it is easy to browse your site
  • Use pop-ups that are effective but not annoying, and draw the audience attention to vital information
  • Optimize for local SEO. Searching for services using the phrase “near me”
  • Optimize title tags and meta descriptions

Google’s EAT Principle

The  Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines from Google contain three golden keys that can differentiate high-quality content from low-quality content: Beneficial Purpose, E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) or Page Quality, and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life). This is what Google looks for in a high-quality web page. The E-A-T evaluation determines that a page has a beneficial purpose. For your website to have a high E-A-T level you should be adding only content with:

  1. Expertise: attribute to main content (MC) on the page. Are they an expert on the topic? People with relevant (non-formal or trained education) life experience in specific topics are considered experts – no formal training or education is required. The content should answer what your audience is searching for and understand what stage these searchers are at. The content should be comprehensive but simple, easy to read, using visual aids or video. Think about your audience’s next queries and answer them. Your content should be the go-to source of information in your field.
  2. Authoritativeness: having generally recognized authority on your background and in your field. Your topics have to be relevant. Use links from relevant websites to build your domain’s authority. The widely shared content across social media is also a sign of growing authority.
  3. Trustworthiness- when your audience can trust you to provide true and accurate information. This E-T-A guide is crucial for medical advice websites, news media pages,  scientific and IT topics, financial advice, legal advice, tax advice, etc. The best guidelines for Trustworthiness on your site are positive reviews, easy to contact, security, correctly implementing HTTPS, a good privacy policy, and comprehensive specifications.


Video is important for  SEO ranking especially if you have a “how to do” website, like a cooking blog. Also, videos are very attractive to users. Users are more likely to click on search results that show a video thumbnail next to the content text. Video helps metrics that  Google takes into consideration for ranking like the time users spend on your page and backlinks referring back to your domain. That explains why Google’s algorithms could prioritize websites with video content.  Create high-quality videos and publish them in the right place. For example, choose “About Us” for your brand video. A product video is a great asset for an e-commerce platform. Of course, testimonial videos are especially powerful.


When you step online you actually step into open competition with the rest of the world. Just like on commodity markets, you will have to bring buyers, followers, and an audience to your page. SEO is very important, this is why you have to understand how it works, so you can run your business or your passion blog as well as you can. If you want to find the best marketing talent a Recruitment Agency can help you.

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