Test for Food Sensitivities Look at food first! There are over 22 tons of food matter that you will consume in your lifetime. You could be taking in food substances that are irritating your intestines, are hard for your digestive system to break down, or are causing bacterial imbalances. An Elimination Diet ( will help you determine which foods your body is considering to be friends, and which it is considering to be foes.

Filter Your Water Water that is treated with chlorine-based chemicals and that contains harmful antibiotic residues can wreak havoc on your gut. Consider a reverse osmosis filter and possibly an additional carbon block filter to remove these contaminants. 3. Remove Mercury Fillings Mercury exposure from mercury amalgams can alter your intestinal flora and general health.

A trained International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) dentist can consult you on the extremely important steps that are needed to replace your mercury fillings. 4. Eat Organic Foods! Numerous agricultural chemicals cause damage to the intestines. The only way to lower your exposure today, and 10 years from today, is to purchase organic products that have never come in contact with herbicides made with glyphosate (such as Roundup).


Avoid Processed Foods Processed foods often contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors, along with fillers, preservatives, binders, and excipients that can irritate your intestines. Whole plant-based foods contain natural fibers that can only be broken down by bacteria in your gut. These prelife or prebiotic substances are needed before the life of bacterium can flourish in your intestines. Whole foods will also be full of protective plant chemicals (phytochemicals) that can lower inflammation and heal wounded intestinal tissues.

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