What are the eligibility criteria required to participate in the CDS Exam?

The CDS qualification standards are set by the exam conducting body which is the UPSC. Candidates interested in joining the UPSC CDS must meet the CDS eligibility criteria before taking the Combined Defence Services exam.

The CDS qualifying criteria will be discussed in full in this post. Before filling out the registration form, candidates can review the CDS exam eligibility requirements.

CDS Eligibility Criteria 

In an official notification for the exam, the UPSC specifies the CDS eligibility in great detail. Candidates are able to check the CDS Notification for more information or you can visit BYJU’S Exam Prep for latest information.

In terms of CDS eligibility, aspirants should keep the following in mind:

  • If an applicant fails to meet the required requirements, the organizing body holds the power to reject his or her candidature at any point of the recruiting process.
  • The mere issuance of an Admission Certificate does not imply that the Commission has approved the candidate’s candidacy.
  • If a candidate is appointed but later proved guilty, he or she may be dismissed.
  • With the help of actual documents, the UPSC verifies the eligibility conditions. Once an applicant has passed the interview and Personality Test, the verification process begins.
  • A candidate who requires an eligibility certificate for admission to the test, but an offer of employment will not be made until the required eligibility certificate is issued by the  Indian Government.

Candidates who wish to fill out a CDS application form must first meet the following four CDS eligibility requirements:

  • Age, Gender, and Marital Status in the CDS
  • CDS Citizenship or Nationality
  • Educational Qualification for CDS
  • CDS Physical and Medical Requirements

CDS Age Limit, Gender & Marital Status

CDS Age limit varies for the male and female candidates.

Eligibility – CDS Age Limit Age Limit (In years)
Indian Naval Academy (INA) 19 years to 22 years
Air Force Academy 19 years to 23 years
Indian Military Academy (IMA) 19 years to 24 years
Officers’ Training Academy (SSC Women Non-Technical Course) 19 years to 25 years
Officers’ Training Academy (SSC Course for Men) 19 years to 25 years

Eligibility Criteria for CDS – Educational Qualifications

For candidates to be eligible for the NDA examination, the Union Public Service Commission has established a minimum level of education requirement.

Graduation/Bachelors from a Government recognised university is the minimum qualification necessary to sit for the CDS exam. The following is a list of the specific CDS educational requirements:

Education Qualification CDS Eligibility
Indian Military Academy (IMA) and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA) Bachelor’s Degree From a recognised university
INA Bachelors in Engineering from a recognised University
AFA Graduation (with Physics and Mathematics at Class 12) or Bachelor of Engineering


CDS Eligibility – Nationality /Citizenship

Candidates must meet the standards for nationality and citizenship to be eligible for the CDS exam.

Candidates who wish for applying for the CDS exam must possess the following qualifications:

  • From and before January 1, 1962, an Indian citizen, a Nepalese subject, a Bhutanese subject, or a Tibetan refugee who are permanently residing in India.
  • In the countries that are in East Africa like Kenya, Uganda, the United Republic of Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Zaire, Vietnam and Ethiopia, a person whose ancestors were Indian and  migrated to India from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Burma, Kenya, Uganda, , Malawi, Zaire, the United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, and Vietnam.

If an applicant falls under categories (5), (4), (3), or (2), he or she must provide to the concerned recruiting body an eligibility certificate issued by the Indian government.

Candidates who are Nepalese Gorkha subjects, on the other hand, will not need to submit an eligibility certificate.

CDS Eligibility – Physical & Medical Standards

According to UPCS criteria, candidates must be physically and intellectually fit. Medical reasons disqualify a significant number of competent individuals. As a result, before applying for the CDS Exam, candidates are highly urged to have a medical examination.

Common defects found in candidates are –

  • Phimosis/ Hydrocele, Underweight/ Overweight, lesser sized Chest, Piles Wax (Ears) Deviated Nasal Septum Wax (Ears) Deviated Nasal Septum Wax (Ears) Wax (Ears) Wax (Ears) Wax (Ears) Wax (E
  • Gynaecomastia/ Tonsillitis
  • Varicocele

Note – Candidates with permanent tattoos on any body part will be disqualified from further consideration. On a case-by-case basis, tribes with tattoo marks on the face or body as per their existing customs and traditions would be allowed.

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