Where Toronto Residents Like to Eat the Most

Food is such a huge part of daily life, and restaurants make up the backbone of any city. If you are planning to visit or move to Toronto, getting to know where current residents enjoy eating can give you great ideas for new favorite restaurants.

From take-out to fast casual and fine dining, there are so many options in any city, including Toronto. If you would like to make Toronto your home, you will need to get some feedback from current residents about their top-rated places to eat, so you can figure out your go-to takeout place, a good date night restaurant, and even a nice family-friendly option. Here are some of the places where Torontonians like to eat the most:

Bloor West Village

If you like to explore foods from different cultures, heading to the Bloor West Village neighborhood will have you covered for Italian and Asian food. Options for great Italian pizza and pasta include Queen’s Pasta Cafe and Goodfellas.

If you prefer Asian food, there are countless options for sushi, noodles, and Indian. There is even an option for ramen, which is super popular and sought after right now. Locals stroll the streets here looking for their next great noodle bowl or sushi place.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a unique, eclectic locale for foodies. You can explore bars, cafes, world cuisine, and even shops dedicated to just desserts. If you are looking for international options, Kensington Square has so many options, including Asian, German, and Caribbean, to name just a few.

Locals enjoy stopping here for a unique international dish as well as browsing unique shops for vintage items and enjoying some shopping. You can make a final stop at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky or Mango Like Desserts for a slice of pie or a fruit-inspired sweet.


Many large cities have vibrant Chinatowns with excellent restaurants and food options, and Toronto is no exception. If you are in the mood for dim sum, dumplings, or bubble tea, Toronto’s Chinatown has you covered. 

Toronto also has another Chinatown, called East Chinatown, where you can find amazing pho and BBQ. If you are looking for great Chinese food at a bargain, East Chinatown will be your sport with great options for lunch specials.

Other Options

If you are in the mood for something different, or something specific, there are so many other options in Toronto, especially for international foods. In Toronto, you will find Greektown, Koreatown, Little India, Little Ethiopia, Little Portugal, and more.

From fine-dining options to multi-generational family-owned restaurants to bakeries and more, there are a multitude of options for dining in these neighborhoods. You may even want to explore homes for sale in Toronto near your favorite restaurants to enjoy them more often.

With so many options for great eateries, there is a place for every foodie in Toronto. You can explore a new neighborhood every time you have a craving for a different type of food. 

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